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The 2008 National Jitterbug Champions are:


1st -Kevin St Laurent & Juan Fillafane(PA & Argentina)
2nd - Nick Williams & Laura Keat (CA)
3rd - Kevin St Laurent & Emily Hoffberg (PA)
4th - Remy Kouakou Kouame & Sarah Montalban (France)
5th - David Frutos & Kim Clever (CA)

Pro Lindy:

1st - Nick Williams & Carla Heiney (CA)
2nd - Kevin St Laurent & Emily Hoffberg (PA)
3rd - Jeremy Otth & Laura Keat (CA)
4th - David Frutos & Kim Clever (CA)
5th - Juan Villafane & Sharon Davis (Argentina & Australia) * due to a tabulation error, Dave & Kim were in fact 4th and Juan & Sharon were 5th place

Amateur Lindy:

1st - Dante Capunay & Clarice Thayer (UT)
2nd - Eric Pritchett & Jaime Oliver (CA)
3rd - Damien Verron & Lise Marie Chayvialle (France)
4th - Giovanni Quintero & Sharlene Choy (CA)
5th - Jason Vaughan & Tunde Hrotko (CA)

Pro Balboa:

1st - Jeremy Otth & Laura Keat (CA)
2nd - Jacob Wigger & Jen Scricco (CA & PA)
3rd - Marcus Koch & Baerbl Kaufer (Germany)
4th - Andreas Divaris & Heather Ballew (CO)
5th - Naru & Nao (Japan)

Amateur Balboa:

1st -Chris & Beth Grover(CA)
2nd - Augie Freeman & Delphine Laurens (CA)
3rd - Jeff Kroll & Heather Snyder (CA)
4th - Joe McGlynn & Heidi Rosenau (NY)
5th - Patrick Wall & Andrea Waybright (CA)


1st -Jeremy Otth & Laura Keat (CA)
2nd - John Lee & Jenna Chalmers (CA)
3rd - David Frutos & Kim Clever (CA)
4th - Marcus Koch & Baerbl Kaufer (Germany)
5th - Mike & Jen Loeza (CA)


1st - One2Swing's The California Rolls (CA)
2nd -One2Swing Jitterbugs (CA)
3rd - Keep 'Em Flying (CA)
4th - Swingheads (CA)
5th -Salt Lake Jitterbugs (UT)

AdvancedJack and Jill Leaders:

1st - Juan Villafane (Argentina)
2nd - Patrick Wall (CA)
3rd - Andrew Thigpen (GA)
4th -Gabriel Cashman (CA)
5th - Nick Peterson (NV)

Advanced Jack and Jill Follows:

1st - Sharon Davis (Australia)
2nd -Heather Ballew (CO)
3rd -Sanna Leinonen (Finland)
4th - Kelli Wilkerson (CA)
5th - Ria DeBiase (CA)

Amateur Jack and Jill Leaders:

1st - Shaheed Qaasim (CA)
2nd - Laurant Lamor (France)
3rd - Evan Dill (CA)
4th -Augie Freeman (CA)
5th - Will Ayces (CA)

Amateur Jack and Jill Follows:

1st - Moe Sakan (UK)
2nd - Beth Grover (CA)
3rd - Delphine Laurens (CA)
4th - Jaime Oliver (CA)
5th - Mary Freitag (CA)

Intergenerational Jitterbug Contest:

1st - Remy Kouakou Kouame & Joanne Harrold
2nd - Jordan Coghill & Rebecca Shannon
3rd - Jamie England & Kat Wyman

Golden Budgie Award - Nick Peterson