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The Bayside Ball

Come out and dance at the Bayside Ball!

1210 4th St, Santa Monica
Sat, February 13th, 9 PM
dress up, dance contest & more!
$20 - advance tickets available soon!


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The Camp Hollywood Hall of Fame takes place bi-annually to celebrate people who have contributed to the spirit and energy of Camp Hollywood.

The 5th bi-annual Camp Hollywood Hall of Fame inductees have been announced!  They are:

Rusty Frank

Morgan Day

Jacob Wigger

Emily Wigger

Adrienne Weidert

Adam Brozowski

Shesha Marvin

Nikki Marvin

Dabney Hopkins

Karen Vizzard Hopkins

Join us Monday, Sept 7th before Awards for our induction ceremony!

In 2013, the 5th Camp Hollywood Hall of Fame was held to induct the following:

Jeremy Otth

Laura Keat

Beth Grover

Chris Grover

Michael Faltesek

Casey Schneider

Kevin St Laurent

Jo Hoffberg

Join us for the induction ceremony Monday Sept 2nd before the NJC awards!


In 2011, the 3rd Camp Hollywood Hall of Fame was held to induct the following:

Nick Williams

Carla Heiney

Nathan Sartain

Valerie Salstrom

Joel Plys

Alison Scola

Marty Klempner

Christian Thompson

Thea Samuels

Albert Alva

Jim Ziegler

Check out the clip presentation we put together to honor the inductees!

In 2009, the second Camp Hollywood Hall of Fame was held Thursday, July 30th.  Inductees were:

Marcus Koch & Baerbl Kaufer

David Frutos & Kim Clever

Ben Yau & Sheri Kang

Bill & Teresa Dakin

Mike Mizgalski

Denise Phelan

Tise Chao

Nick Peterson

Mike Pedroza

Dan Newsome

Tiffiny Wine

Jonathan Stout

Josh Collazo

In 2007 the first Camp Hollywood Hall of Fame was held at the original Camp Hollywood location, the Women's Club of Hollywood.  Inductees were:

Freda Angela

Hal & Marge Takier

John & Ann Mills

Bart Bartolo

Jean Veloz

Sam Militello & Barbara Rice

Willie & Lila Desatoff

Mary Collins

Erik Robison & Sylvia Skylar

Debbie Carter

Holly Dumaux

Min Vo & Corina Acosta

Cassandra Bugg

Adam Velez & Trina Sisson

Jeff Beauregard

Dean Mora